The Band will play three Memorial Day Ceremonies:

9:00 am Gillespie Cemetery

Band Members please be there by 8:40 am at the latest. The downbeat is at 9:00 am. You are exposed to the sun in this location, so please be sure to wear sunscreen. You need to bring a folding chair (not a lawn chair) and a music stand. The younger members of the band will walk over to the Catholic Cemetery following the first ceremony for a short playing of the National Anthem and America the Beautiful (form the little spiral bound booklet). Immediately following that, head to Staunton for the next ceremony. There is a 40% chance of rain forecast. They may affect our performance.

11:00 am Staunton City Hall on Main St.

Band members see above. Downbeat is at 11:00 sharp. You will not be quite as exposed to the sun in this location but you should have bottle water. You may wear caps as long as they are not distracting ones, preferably red or white. Following this performance, there may be an opportunity to eat hot dogs at the VFW before heading to Benld.

1:00 pm Benld Cemetery

Same notes as above. Downbeat is at 1:00 pm. This location is very exposed to the sun and with the late rains, the ground may be quite wet in places. We will try to set up in a stable zone.

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