This schedule is for the musicians.

Please watch the homepage for announcements and subscribe to our email list at right.

Default Rehearsal Location

Immanuel Lutheran Church 111 E. Main St. Mt. Olive, IL 62069 (parking lot and entrance for the parish hall at back of building)

Possible Alternate Locations

From time to time, our rehearsal space hosts need the space on a Wednesday night for their own gathering. In those cases we will still have rehearsal at one of the below locations. Announcements will always first be made on this website so if you follow us with your email address, you’ll get an automatic email before any emails or texts are sent out manually.

Benld Civic Center 201 E. Central Ave. Benld, IL 62009

Gillespie Civic Center 115 N. Macoupin St., Gillespie, IL 62033 (parking lot and entrance at back of building)

St. Paul United Church of Christ 225 S. Laurel St. Staunton, IL 62088

Our Staunton Concert Stage may also be an alternative.

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