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Concert in Staunton this evening!

Our first Staunton series concert of 2021 will be this evening at 7:30 PM behind the Staunton Public Library. According to forecasts, the rain should have all moved through by then so we hope to see you there. Please share this on Social Media!

Concert is on for tonight!

The grounds are in good shape and no further rain is expected in Mt. Olive this evening. Please come to our concert. 7:00 pm at the Old bandstand main st in Mt. Olive. Please share on social media!

Update 4:32pm

While it currently looks like it will clear up for a concert, the time for that predicted clearing has been inching ever later. We will post a definitive announcement between 5:15 and 5:20.

Tonight’s Concert 6/24/21

Greetings all. We are closely monitoring the weather situation regarding tonight’s scheduled concert in Mt. Olive. As of 3:00 pm, the concert is still on but please check again later as the rain system is currently evolving. One might even say the situation is fluid…

Concert in Mt. Olive tonight and see our featured soloist! Special link included…

Please share this announcement on your social media:

Come and see us at the old Main Street bandstand in Mt. Olive, Il tonight at 7:00 pm. We will feature our lead Euphonist (baritone player) John Fassero playing Spanish Dance #5 by Enrique Granados. Also, we’ll be featuring a guest announcer tonight, Keith Baker.

In addition to many fine tunes, tonight our director has pulled a blast from the past out of our band archives , Lonely Eyes foxtrot from 1926. Here’s a YouTube link to a genuine 1920s performance of this song. Enjoy and see you tonight!

Concert tonight!!

Don’t forget about our first Mt. Olive concert of 2021. Concert starts at 7:00 pm this evening (June 3, 2021) at Mt Olive—Main St. Park at the round bandstand. Please help get the word out.

Band members: Please arrive by 6:30 and if you agreed to put word out on social media, please don’t forget. Remind parents of youngsters that the Mt Olive city park on Main Street has a brand new playground where parents can watch their kids play and still enjoy the free concert!


The correct time the band will start playing on Memorial Day in Staunton is 10:40 or a little earlier. This corrects a now edited post giving an incorrect starting time.

2021 Memorial Day Ceremony in Staunton

The Staunton VFW will resume their annual Memorial Day Ceremony on Monday, May 31 at 11:00 am in front of the War Memorial on Main Street in Staunton. The Band will play selections before (beginning at 10:40 or a little earlier) and during the ceremony as always so we hope to see our fans and family there!

Band members, please remember to bring your own chair and music stand. You also might want to bring clips to hold music in the wind and maybe even an umbrella. You also may wish to douse yourself with sunscreen before. The band members should be ready to tune by 10:30. Please invite friends and family. Social Media mavens in the band–please get the word out so townspeople will come to the ceremony. Thank you!!

Announcing Summer 2021 Season!

We are pleased to announce that we will have a 2021 Season. At this time we can announce that in June we will have our usual series on Thursday nights at 7:00 pm. Although the Staunton season is not yet finalized, we expect to have four or five concerts in Staunton on Thursday evenings at 7:30 pm in July.

For band members, rehearsals will begin on Wednesday, May 12 at our Mt. Olive rehearsal location. Rehearsals are always at 7:00. Please use the contact page on this website to send the director any questions.