Summer 2020 Season? Notes from the Director

Greetings to band members and fans who subscribe to our automatic emails!

Like everything else, the COVID19 shutdown and quarantine has affected our summer season in a negative way. However, I’m still optimistic that we will have at least a partial concert season. I’ve put off posting or emailing until I knew more but it’s not clear when that is going to be, either.

Here’s what I do know.

Memorial Day
Obviously, the Memorial Day ceremonies fall under the governor’s order and will not take place.

Mt. Olive Series
I also can now say that our June concerts at Mt. Olive are canceled for this season. However, John is in talks with Mt. Olive to possibly get at least a couple of concerts rescheduled. Whether those will happen in July or August, I do not yet know. There are other possibilities in Mt. Olive that we may be able to merge a concert into but nothing is sure at this point. Bottom line for Mt. Olive: No June concerts but we don’t know anything yet beyond that. However, I remain optimistic that we can salvage a concert or two of our Mt. Olive series.

Black Diamond Days
The Black Diamond Days festival is itself canceled for 2020.

Here lies a ray of hope. Thus far, we are not canceled in July to the best of my knowledge. I am very optimistic that we can do our concerts there. Whether it will be a full four concerts, I do not know yet as the bank has changed hands. We’ll have to see if the Children’s Concert will still run. If we are able to have a Staunton season, we’ll determine and communicate rehearsal details at a later date. It’s not farfetched that we might have to have outdoor rehearsals; time will tell. We’ll communicate as much in advance as possible. Please do your part to notify band member friends of this and future posts. I will assemble a couple of concert folders in advance just in case we get the go ahead.

Rehearsals and Possible Alternate Events–Information for Band Members
I aim to salvage whatever portion of this season that I can, even using creative solutions. The best ways you can help right now are: 1) Please check back here. If you’ve lost my email address, you can contact me through the contact link on this site. I don’t check that email every single day, though, so please don’t be worried if I don’t reply immediately. 2) Be sure and keep your AFM membership current. You should have received a mailing from Scott Fisher. That way, everyone is ready to go and in both the Band and the Local 88 communication loops if we’re able to start rehearsing. It would be great if you could contact me and let me know you are aware of this post and plan to participate in the band this summer if we are given the green light! Here’s hoping!!